Award-winning SureAthlete platform provides FIU baseball coaching staff with real-time communication coaching tools, development solutions and analytics to elevate team communication, accelerate athlete development and improve talent evaluation analysis

CHICAGO, IL – March 2, 2023 – SureAthlete – a division of technology innovator SurePeople – today announced its partnership with Florida International University. The partnership includes the use of SureAthlete’s award-winning athlete development, communication and analytics platform by FIU’s baseball program to maximize student athlete and team performance.  

SureAthlete’s platform is powered by a patented People Science OS, including Prism, a psychometric algorithm that provides comprehensive “portraits” of each coach and student athlete across 54 key traits and attributes in areas such as Personality, Personality Under Pressure, Decision Making, Motivation, Conflict Management and Fundamental Needs.

The combination of Prism insights and platform solutions, such as the Coaches Toolkit, empowers the coaching staff to understand how to communicate with each student athlete to inspire their best game-ready mindset, as well as more effectively navigate relationship and team dynamics. At the same time, student athletes can increase their self-awareness and enhance Emotional, Relational and Team intelligence in all areas of their lives.  

 “We’re pleased to partner with FIU’s baseball program, where building a strong sense of team is a cornerstone of the culture this season,” said Sean Flynn, SurePeople’s President, Sport & Education. “SureAthlete is supporting a high-performance culture at FIU baseball by elevating team communication and maximizing the success of student athletes.”

 Head Coach Rich Whitten added: “SureAthlete has helped our team and staff understand each other better and grow closer together. This has helped forge a stronger team culture, especially during times when we have to rely on each other to overcome challenges.” 


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SurePeople is a technology innovator specializing in People Science. SurePeople’s patented People Science OS powers the Company’s five distinct brands, including SureAthlete, for professional and collegiate sports organizations; HealthforceX, for hospitals and health systems; WorkforceX, for medium and large businesses; Better Us, for unions and membership organizations; and Prism, for consultants, executive coaches and trainers. The SurePeople brands’ solutions – across employee experience, leadership development, team optimization, talent strategy, digital transformation and mergers & acquisitions – have been recognized for innovation and impact by leading research and analyst firms such as Brandon Hall Group, Deloitte Consulting and Training Industry. Learn more at, subscribe to our blog, Evolve, and follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.  


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